MEDENG is an independent MPFM technology provider for the oil & gas industry, registered in Canada, USA and China. MEDENG is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

MEDENG was founded as a medical engineering company. An early pioneer in the study of arterial blood flow, MEDENG acquired an advanced level of understanding of the mechanics of multiphase Non-Newtonian flow.

Identifying an opportunity to make a difference to the oil and gas industry, MEDENG developed and sold its first MPFM in 1992. Today there are hundreds of MEDENG MPFMs operating  worldwide. MEDENG’s technology is patented and 100% exclusive to the company.

FRI is a French manufacturer and international exporter of In Vitro Diagnostic instruments and reagents present in over 60 countries around the world. Since its creation in 1977 SFRI has built up over 30 years of in-depth experience and expertise in the In Vitro Diagnostics field, specializing in human biological analysis and concentrating on routine clinical testing in the hematology, biochemistry and immunology sectors. SFRI is proud to provide accessible and affordable products and services of outstanding quality and reliability that contribute to bettering the quality of life of patients and the performance of medical professionals worldwide. Today SFRI ambition is not only to pursue the development of SFRI activities but also to continue to answer to clients growing needs by keeping up with technological advancements and providing them with ever more efficient and complete diagnostic solutions. SFRI base it’s business relationships on mutual understanding and respect, high professional standards and integrity. SFRI works with clients to understand their needs to deliver tangible benefits and peace of mind.

The healing powers of mineral-rich water vapour for all kinds of respiratory tract diseases have been well-known for hundreds of years. Tsars, emperors, ministers and writers once came here to convalesce at the thermal springs. And it was here too that inhalation technology began its rise to international acceptance – a development in which HEYER played a significant role. In 1883, mechanical engineer Carl Heyer began to develop devices enabling healing vapours to be inhaled without the need to visit thermal springs. Over the years his devices became increasingly compact and, thanks to industrial production, increasingly affordable, so that soon they could be shipped to doctors and clinics all over the world. Similarly, atomization of medication was developed, enabling targeted local treatment of respiratory tract diseases to be administered and further boosting the spread of inhalation technology.
At HEYER, the experience we have gained in inhalation technology has enabled us to build up a further sector: anaesthesia technology. HEYER equipment enables doctors to administer anaesthetic gas to patients in precisely monitored amounts. Today HEYER is an international company. The experience we have collected throughout our long corporate history is the ideal foundation for our development of market-oriented products which put innovations into practice.

Technomex was established in 1987 year. Since then we manufacture own products and distribute the world known brands. Experience, know-how and reliability. Technomex is present all over the world. You may find our products on every continent, in at least 54 countries, hundreds of cities and thousands of hospitals. Technomex manufacture hydrotherapy devices, rehabilitation tables, kinesiotherapy products, hand ergotherapy tables, suspension therapy set, cryotherapy. Every product is designed with greatest precision to help patient and simplify the work of therapist. Quality in every detail. This is one of the reason why the customers choose these products.

Infinium Medical is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of patient monitors and operating room equipment in the medical community. Infinium put the needs of the clients and their patients first, because they understand that providing compassionate and effective health care is about more than just the equipment you use. Offered products have a superior design, are easy to use, and cost effective; ensuring that every medical facility, regardless of size or budget, can have cutting-edge medical patient monitoring
technology. Infinium manufactures and distributes a variety of medical and patient monitors, surgical tables and anesthesia delivery systems with multiple capabilities. They are well suited for many facilities, from sub-acute care areas to high acuity hospital care areas, and their superior versatility and functionality makes them indispensable in nearly any scenario. The line of medical monitors is extremely feature rich and includes telemetry capabilities, advanced arrhythmia detection, anesthesia measurement. The medical equipment provides consistent, reliable support at all times to ensure your patients receive the best care possible. Infinium Medical has been manufacturing patient monitors and other medical technologies since 2001, and we have been progressively expanding our business ever since. The patient monitor products, surgical tables and anesthesia systems are used throughout the United States and globally. Physicians consistently prefer these products because they are expertly engineered, user-friendly, and have the features necessary to support total patient care.

Medisono is an American company established in 2012 as a venture capital business formed by people with more than 35 years of experience in the sector of Healthcare,which concept was to bring an alternative to the Medical Imaging Industry that could
be affordable yet maintain the right image quality this sector demands. Medisono develops ultrasound technology that supports better diagnosis and patient outcomes. Medisono’s goal is to match their clients needs with the right equipment, providing a variety of options going from B&W Digital Ultrasound Systems to Digital Color Dopplers with great 3D/4D Imaging Quality. Medisono also focus in the Veterinary sector providing portable Ultrasound Systems. All our products are FDA approved and the company is ISO-13485 certified.

Nexson Group is located in Burgundy, in the center of France. Rich with 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of welded heat exchangers, pressure vessels, filters and separation modules, covering a big range of processes and applications such as Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Coke Oven Gas & Steel. The offered technology is related to heat / cool of gas and liquids.

Advanced insulation is a global supplier of insulation (Topside and Subsea), Passive Fire Protection (PFP), Cryogenic Spill Protection (CSP), Composite Blast and Fire Walls, Buoyancy Prodacts and Cable Protection Systems. The company designs, manufactures and installs ContraFlex insulation jackets to protect equipment and personnel across a range of industries, from the rigours of offshore oil and gas to petrochemical plants, defence, marine, LNG, FOOD and Beverages and other industrial plant rooms including in schools and hospitals.

EPS supplies total pump system installations for industrial purposes, the petro-chemical industry, the offshore and the maritime sector in order to keep the pump installation operational and to perfectly adapt it in line with the customer’s other processes. EPS meets the highest quality requirements and supplies top quality components, including the pump brand ITT Bornemann and ITT Goulds.

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The process controls market continues to move toward tighter controls, increased
demand on devices and a narrowing of performance parameters. Understanding
the process details surrounding instrumentation and analytical loops and their
function in LNG, GTL, refining, offshore, power plants or whatever the application
has been O’Brien’s expertise for 45 years. In a world of diminishing and qualified
labor, when the need to test and design loops for a wide variety of applications
becomes critical – O’Brien is your best choice.
O’Brien’s Services is a global network of O’Brien’s authorized and trained
partners. These best in class partners provide services that complete the most
demanding instrumentation, analytical and mechanical designs and
installations. Research, engineering, integration and installation services make
O’Brien’s the complete solution.

ELE International – specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation. Offered products are backed by global customer service, with comprehensive technical and applications support. ELE International was founded in 1961 to supply testing equipment to the Construction Materials Industry. The Environmental Division, specializing in international projects, was created in 1983. Product sales, service and advice is available from strategically located offices in the UK and USA, supported by regional offices with ELE associates located in People’s Republic of China, the Middle East and Singapore. Being part of the multi-national Danaher Corporation.

Pentair Thermal Management — is one of the leading company who provides a full service designer and integrator of optimized heat management systems. Owner of Raychem, Tracer and Tracetek brands. Offers wide range of products and service solutions for floor heating, fire and performance wiring, leak detection, sensing, and snow melting & de-icing for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Existing in the market for over than 50 years. Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions are useful for below applications:
Pipe Freeze Protection
Long Pipeline Heating
Process Temperature Maintenance
Tank Heating and Insulation
Frost Heave Prevention
Roof and Gutter De-Icing
Surface Snow Melting